Osan Air Base
South Korea

Osan Air Base is our most forward air base in Korea. It is located about 40 miles south of Seoul which is about 20 miles south of the DMZ. I loved it at Osan. I was stationed there eighteen months from 9 - 75 to 3 - 77. I made the biggest mistake of my life in Korea when against all odds I married my yobo. You guys that were there know what that means. The Korea tour is one big party because most guys are there without their family. My most memorable times were right there in the bars where anything goes. Most guys will never know the feeling of walking into a bar and having a hundred beautiful women talking and sometimes fighting about who is taking you home.

I have uploaded the complete 1975 and 1976
USAF Hospital Osan AB Korea yearbooks.
Click each book to go to it's page.

I was in Korea during the very first 'Operation Team Spirit' and subsequent Tree Cutting Axe Murder incident that led to 'Operation Paul Bunyan'. Read the story HERE and see the pictures HERE.

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Osan Air Base and Songtan City

Here are some pictures of where I lived in the local village.

Here are some pictures of the korean countryside mostly taken from a bus window.

Remember Ration Cards? Here are some pictures of ration control brochures.

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